2500 Random Things reviewed by ForeWord

2500_thumb_1Over at ForeWord Reviews, Daniel Coffey engages with Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too, discussing Viegener’s use of the Facebook list as a formal constraint and “its potential (or lack thereof) to tell a story.”  “While Viegener’s book has its predecessors in list-driven memoirs like Joe Brainard’s I Remember,” Coffey writes,

Viegener refuses to grant his book the status of memoir. Every item in every list was initially written as a status update on Viegener’s Facebook account, and at a certain point they were collected by scrolling in reverse and grouped into lists of twenty-five items. Viegener is every bit as interested in writing about the process of list-making as he is writing about his own experiences, and many of the items fall somewhere in between—aphoristic items about the act of list-making. He constantly references and evaluates his own list-making in a process that initially was close to real-time.

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