Danielle Adair

Danielle Adair’s video installation and performance works have shown in exhibition and screening venues internationally – Manila, Cologne, London, New York, Berlin, Paris. She is the author of From JBAD: Lessons Learned (Les Figues Press) based on her time as embedded media with US Forces in Afghanistan, the forthcoming And I Think I Like It. (Akademie Schloss Solitude), and the artist zine On the Rocks, In the Land (Pitzer Art Galleries). Other writing has appeared in the 30<30: Anthology of Innovative Fiction(Starcherone Books) and Imaginary Syllabi (Palm Press), among others. In 2014 Adair created and premiered an experimental opera,Caution Baum, for the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Thami Manekehla

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