Doug Nufer

Doug Nufer writes fiction and poetry based on formal constraints. In addition to By Kelman Out of Pessoa, he is the author of the novels Never Again (Black Square, 2004), Negativeland (Autonomedia, 2004), On the Roast (Chiasmus, 2004), and The Mudflat Man/ The River Boys (soultheft, 2006), and the poetry collections We Were Werewolves (Make Now, 2008) and Lounge Acts (Insert Blanc, 2013). In November, 2014, he’ll present a performance and installation of his homophonic geographic mystery narrative poem The Dammed (, 2012) with a movie by Amy Billharz at the Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University. In 2015, Spuyten Duyvil will publish his novel of alternating consonants and vowels, Lifeline Rule. He frequently performs solo, with musicians or dancers, and with the word band Interrupture. He’s an editor at American Book Review and and he was a co-curator for the 2012 Moment Magnitude show at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, where he lives and sells wine.