Martin Glaz Serup

Martin Glaz Serup was born in 1978 and lives in Copenhagen. He has published seven children’s books, most recent an illustrated collection of stories entitled Yana and Eliah (and many other children) (2013, illustrations by Lilian Brøgger), several chapbooks, as well as seven collections of poetry, most recently Roman nights (2013, published in Sweden 2014)- of which excerpts in English is published in Action Yes and Poetry Wales  and the long poem The Field (2010), which was also published in USA (2011), Sweden (2012) and Finland (2014). In 2013 Serup published his first book-length theoretical essay Relationel poesi. Serup was the founding editor of the literary journal Apparatur (2001-2004) and of the Nordic web-magazine for literary critism Litlive (2004-2008). Also he is the former managing editor of the poetrymagazine Hvedekorn (2005-2007). He has been teaching creative writing at The University of Southern Denmark and at the writer’s school for children’s literature at The University of Aarhus and is now working as a ph.d.-student at the University of Copenhagen. In 2006 Serup received the Michael Strunge Prize for poetry and in 2008 he recieved a Gold medal from The University of Copenhagen for his dissertation of Poetry and Relational Aesthetichs. In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious three-year grant (approximately 145.000 USD) from the Danish Art’s Council. He is blogging at Kornkammer and with the literary collective Promenaden.

Forthcoming in English is the poem Some questions concerning questions in the British The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. 

Photo Credit: Thomas Trane Petersen / Det Kongelige Bibliotek

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