Nuala Archer

Nuala Archer is the author of Whale On The Line, Two Women, Two Shores (with Medbh McGuckian), winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award,  The Hour of Pan/amá, and From A Mobile Home. She served as the primary English-language editor for University Over the Abyss: The Story Behind 520 Lecturers & 2,430 Lectures in Kz Theresienstadt 1942-1944. In 1995 she survived a catastrophic car accident; recovering in Jerusalem, she enrolled in a theatre degree program at the School of Visual Theatre. Until 2011, she was an Associate Professor in the English Department at Cleveland State University. During the 1990s, she briefly served as the director of Cleveland State University Poetry Center. She has taught literature and edited the Midland Review at Oklahoma State University. She has also taught at Yale University and Albertus Magnus College. She was educated at Wheaton College in Illinois (see List of Wheaton College (Illinois) alumni), Trinity College Dublin and the University of Wisconsin. Born in Rochester, New York to Irish parents, her family moved to Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama.

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