Sissy Boyd

Sissy Boyd studied with Martha Graham and has danced with many diverse and avant-garde companies in NYC. She has appeared in the video art of Peter Campus, the films of Mark Rappaport, and several Allison Anders films. She studied poetry with Holly Prado, and playwriting with John Steppling. As a former member of Oxblood Theater Company, she participated in the production of challenging theater. Her own play, The Definite Child, was directed by Wes Walker; her last play, The Green Shoes, which she directed, was an LA Weekly Pick of the Week; and her play Liddy was the text for Guy Zimmerman’s short film by the same name and has been published in Fever Dreams: Recent Work from Padua (Padua Playwrights Press, 2012). She is a member of the Evidence Room’s Theatre Company and Ken Roht’s Orphean Circus. In 2005, Boyd was featured in Fearless Women (Stewart, Tabori & Chang). Boyd is a member of John Steppling’s Gunfighter Nation where she continues to write and perform at theaters such as The Odyssey, The Lost Studio. She recently performed a piece at MorYork Gallery, which was then moved to Bootleg Theater, (April. 2014).  The title, Riddance, contained her play:  “Movement For Two Voices,” directed by Wes Walker whose play “The Entire Man” also ran. Her play The Sabine River will appear in the newest Padua Anthology.