Coldfront selects TTDWYM as the #20 poetry book of 2014

Things-To-Do-With-Your-Mouth_Divya-Victor_front-cover_thumbColdfront recently listed its selections for the 40 best books of poetry published in 2014. Divya Victor’s Things To Do With Your Mouth was selected at #20! About Victor’s book, judge Seth Graves wrote:

Things To Do With Your Mouth is a fire-breathing text that screams back against the multifarious ways in which social apparati choke, restrict, and destroy women’s voices. Victor constitutes themes around multiple takes on the word “gag,” from the literal/physical to the psychological/social erasures of “gagging” the voice to the conceptual plays of form and the poetic

See the full list of books and Graves’s full write-up of Victor’s book at Coldfront.

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