Four LF titles reviewed by Spencer Dew at decomP

Divya_Victor_Author_Photo_1decomP magazinE staff writer Spencer Dew took it upon himself to tackle four Les Figues titles simultaneouslyselections: Cunt Norton by Dodie Bellamy, The Ants by Sawako Nakayasu, Film Poems by Redell Olsen, and Things to Do with Your Mouth by Divya Victor. He writes about the emotional effect and the overwhelming senses of terror, playfulness, intrigue, and obsession present in these works. For example, as Dew states of Thing to Do with Your Mouth:

Some of what is here is that sound—Wittig might call it a language, and might be right, richly signifying, visceral—that comes out along the sides of the gag: a language of resistance, a language that demands the gag be seen as edible, something one can gnaw through, reduce to chunks, fragments to swallow or spit. Like McQueen’s piece, Victor’s book is at once hypnotic and jarring, a lull of aesthetics—amniotic, almost—and a shock treatment of politics, jolting.

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