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Give A Fig: 4th Annual Fundraiser & Benefit Auction


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Enter The Field of Play.

Art objects! Text objects! Fantastic items from local, independent businesses!

Emcees: Anna Joy Springer and Matias Viegener
Performers: Tisa Bryant, Martin Glaz Serup, Vanessa Place & Killsonic Women's Chorus

Food by Saehee Cho of The Sprout and The Bean Catering.

Live hand-drawn portraits by Sean Sullivan and Alex Gonzales. Better than a boardwalk portrait... In exchange for a modest donation to Les Figues Press, you can walk away with a custom portrait. Sit for about 5 minutes with Visual Artist Sean Sullivan and he will draw your portrait in pen-and-ink on paper. Request a portrait from observation, or--if you are feeling daring--request a surprise conceptual portrait.

Website by Jeff Uyeno and Janice Lee

$15-$50 in advance
$25-$50 at the door

(Volunteer at this event and attend for free; Email for info.)

This fantastically fun event provides direct and critical support for Les Figues Press’ publishing projects.

Les Figues Press Auction Committee:
Amanda Montei, Coordinator
Teresa Carmody
Saehee Cho
Marcus Civin
Molly Corey
Karen Lee
Coco Owen