Julia Bloch reviews Things To Do With Your Mouth

Things-To-Do-With-Your-Mouth_Divya-Victor_front-cover_thumbIn the new issue of Tripwire, Julia Bloch discusses Divya Victor’s Things To Do With Your Mouth within the context of the TrenchArt: Logistics series:

The Logistics series plays with trench art’s questions of tactile immediacy: if an object taken from armed conflict undergoes aesthetic transformation, does it still belong to the time of war? Does its viewer? Things to Do with Your Mouth takes up the organ best known for its material engagement with the world. If the ‘something’ in Olsen’s TrenchArt approach to language seems a little indistinct and liminal, language in Things to Do with Your Mouth is always concretely contested. The language is as material as the flesh; it’s the encounter between the two that matters.

Read Bloch’s full review here as a PDF, and then get the full issue of Tripwire here.

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