Reviews and Interview with Lily Hoang

Caleb Tankersley reviews Lily Hoang’s The Evolutionary Revolution in New Pages, dubbing it “a history unto itself,” before going on to affirm:

This is one of The Evolutionary Revolution’s greatest strengths: the rich yet subtle characterizations and interactions twist in ways exotic and unexpected. I simply could not put the book down, beginning to form a very strong bond with these characters and the fate of their world(s).

Read the entirety of the review here.


Jacquelyn Davis wrote another review of Hoang’s work in Bookslut:

There are so many possibilities in The Evolutionary Revolution — choices that provide the reader with adventurous scenarios, concocting piece by piece a sense of renewal and strength upon finishing the text. Hoang brands complex, coiled fable into memory with ease.

Read the review in Bookslut here.


Hey Small Press! interviewed Hoang:

Yes, I believe novelists/writers should adhere to an ethics, but I don’t believe many of them actually do. As writers, we occupy a position of privilege. My books have a politic to them, a conscious politic. I’m not so sure other writers are conscious of their politic, even though by writing and publishing, they (often unwittingly) manifest them.

Hey Small Press! is currently redoing their website, but you can check out their facebook page here.

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