The Next Big Thing: Divya Victor

Divya Victor has been tagged for The Next Big Thing—and writes about her forthcoming Les Figues book, Things To Do With Your Mouth.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Wailing and weeping make for a great spectacle, obviously. Oprah, Ricki, Maury, Montel, Jerry and the Vatican have all made great profits from them— especially women and children, please. We are these glassy lachrymatoria—our tear ducts are banks that weep out gold. Remember when the mourners at Kim Jong Il’s funerals were imprisoned for not crying sincerely enough? Tears for gold, asshole. Except, there was no gold. Tricked. Weepers should unionize.

Read Victor’s full interview here. Then become a member of Les Figues and secure your copy of Victor’s forthcoming book today.

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