Bhanu Kapil on The Evolutionary Revolution

Bhanu Kapil considers Lily Hoang’s The Evolutionary Revolution, which she qualifies as “a ‘feminine feral’ The_Evolutionary_Revolution_Lily_Hoang_Back_Coverbook,” on her blog Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi? She states:

I’ve been reading it on a dark, spring-time, rainy afternoon, with the off-dazzle that comes from having said the word “mermen” aloud earlier in the day, and, in another context, “mermaid,” then reading this, from a chapter called “The Extinction of Poets and Philosophers:”

There was a time when all men lived in water. Back then, there were more than ten species of humans, some of whom have survived, such as men, mermen, and arguably, poets and storytellers. Many others have gone extinct.

Poets can’t handle the gravity, apparently. Or their gills rupture.

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