2500 Random Things on “Facebook Stories”

Matias_Viegener_Author_Photo_1Facebook Stories, a website dedicated to stories of “people using Facebook in extraordinary ways,” features Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too:


1. The only concentration camp I’ve been to is Sachsenhausen. It’s near Berlin and a lot of homosexuals were imprisoned there.

2. When I was a kid, it was not good to be German. The Germans were still the most evil people in the world.

3. I remember once my mother told me we weren’t German, we were European.

4. I grew up in a very Jewish neighborhood, but no one considered us Jewish, and neither did we think of ourselves as Jewish.

5. I just got two emotional emails from Mark So. It seems my random things have been stirring him up.

6. Some of them stir me up too, and others leave me numb.

Read the rest of the list here.

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