A Public Face blog reviews JBAD: Lessons Learned

On his blog (A Public Face), John Pluecker reviews Danielle Adair’s From JBAD: Lessons Learnedthe small notebook whose material construction, as Pluecker notes, “gives the book a feeling of impermanence and disposability.” Using Ulises Carrión’s conception of the “role of words in ‘new art,'” Pluecker reviews JBAD with an interesting and provocative perspective:

The words in Adair’s book do not have any intention (or if there was an intention of the speaker, it is recontextualized and altered by appearing in the book); in fact, the words are not even Adair’s. The project as whole—the book, the teabag, the photo card, the website—indicates an intention on Adair’s part to participate, to embed herself literally in something not-her-own, something foreign, a military intervention on the other side of a very large world.

Read the full review on Pluecker’s blog, A Public Face.

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