Amina Cain converses with Mobile

Amina_Cain_Author_Photo_4Mobile “interverses” with I Go To Some Hollow author Amina Cain. The participants touch on Buddhism, intuitive writing, attention, and more. Cain elaborates on her methodology of structuring stories:

So far, it’s as though I’ve been writing through and through and through—horizontally—never knowing if what I write will be a part of the novel once it’s complete. Only recently have I felt some verticality, some sense of burrowing down. Luckily, I am in it for the long haul. I’ve been in the space of the short story enough now that I want to experience something else. For the first time, I crave the immersion that must happen when you work on a single work of fiction for a very long while.

Read the entire conversation here.

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