Amina Cain’s I Go To Some Hollow reviewed by Bookslut

Bookslut’s Jacquelyn Davis reviews Amina Cain’s I Go To Some Hollow, stating that Cain “writes from the position of someone whoI go to some hollow_front_orig seeks wisdom — yet from a safe distance, with mystery.” She continues:

These stories are not obnoxious in the way that a mother’s experience shed onto her offspring might be seen as. They are subdued and unpretentious, and though one may not experience the seductive “punch” that one feels from a Mary Gaitskill or Joyce Carol Oates narrative, Cain is onto something — a less-than-obvious kind of erotic that isn’t pushy or desperate, but it’s there. There is no need to adopt one cornered conclusion, and it is wagered that Cain would be more content if yours didn’t match another’s. Though our means may appear similar, must we all really share the same end?

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