Art in America reviews Costa’s Conceptualism

Art in America has published a fantastic review of Costa’s Conceptualism and Other Fictions. Here are some of our favorite quotes (highlighting some of the aspects we love about Costa’s work):

“Cumulatively, the book presents a complex portrait of Costa as artist and critic, as well as an alternative genealogy of his times—one that draws directly on his relationships, travels, and artistic experiments.” 


“The sophistication of this project is perhaps due in part to the artists’ position outside acknowledged contemporary art centers like New York and Paris. Rather than simply accept a status as always already derivative of developments elsewhere, Costa and others turned their displacement into an advantage in the creation of new artistic forms.” 


“To characterize Costa’s own career as peripatetic would be to neglect the geopolitical and personal traumas that have shaped his production: the 1966 coup in Argentina, for example, which no doubt precipitated his departure for New York, or the loss of key friends such as Oiticica (1980, heart attack), Mendieta (1985, a mysterious thirty-three-story fall), and Burton (1989, AIDS). Another biographical theme that has surely shaped Costa’s vision is his perpetual de-centering of himself as artist through strategies of collaboration and (re)invention. This gem of a publication does a huge service in opening Costa’s production to the world, revealing an artist whose very hybridity makes him crucial to the precarious present.”

Download full Costa Conceptualism Art in America review

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