By Kelman Out Of Pessoa reviewed at Rain Taxi

ByKelman_DougNufer_PostcardOver at Rain Taxi, Greg Bem discusses the constraints and techniques that gave birth to Doug Nufer’s By Kelman Out Of Pessoa.  “Nufer’s novel is an experiment in constriction,” Bem writes, “where Nufer as author, as owner of the owner of the heteronym narrators, visits the races once a week, and through him his voices create a narrative that is rich with complexities—insane, confused, and yet loveable.”  He continues:

Each piece of the novel builds upon one giant, gently rotating sense of narration. At times the plot is straightforward and at other times there is the “hysteria” of reality in which these characters coexist. The world is expanded through their three different sets of eyes, and yet they all belong to the one. Excitement builds with the bizarre and meta-references to the basis of the novel itself, humorously thrown in to satisfy, stabilize, and provoke those readers who pay attention.

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