Cunt Norton reviewed at New Orleans Review

Cunt_Norton-Dodie_Bellamy-Postcard_blogAndrew Ketcham reviews Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton at New Orleans Review, calling it “a Frankenstein’s monster of sext, dripping and sutured and not always coherent in its wantings.” He continues:

In Cunt Norton, the men of the western literary canon are stripped and dolled up and forced to expose their most tender pieces. They are forced to smile and giggle and say thank you when Bellamy pushes the knife in. The texts are hers to subjugate and fuck, and by using the poets’ words and styles against them, Bellamy crafts these mutilated self-portraits of shame and pleasure. Take, for example, the natural imagery in “Cunt Hughes” used against the poet to question his sexual autonomy and power: “As you tongue my clit, my pomegranate lips spit proud towns and riches.” Bellamy makes these poets say things with their own words, and she makes them like it.

Read the full review at New Orleans Review.

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