Cunt Norton reviewed at The Rumpus

Cunt_Norton_Dodie_Bellamy_thumbnailDavid Peak, at The Rumpus, reviews Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton:

That point being that what Bellamy has done with Cunt Norton cunting the names and voices that literally define the patriarchy in literature, and creating poems that are filled to the brim with humor, ingenuity, and joy, is such an important book. Cunt Norton is a marvel to behold, a “savorie Fruit” to be lusted after, seduced by, and fucked gloriously by. Because sex in literature is so often about power, about control and dominance, Bellamy’s appropriation of and ultimate slaughter of “that which is sacred” is all the more needed, all the more necessary.

Read the full review at The Rumpus.

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