Edgar Garcia reviews I’ll Drown My Book

I'll Drown My BookIn a review entitled “Poetry’s Fork: My Account of Some Experiments in Poetry Today” in MAKE Magazine, Edgar Garcia praises I’ll Drown My Book:

Throughout the text the editors of this anthology encourage a critical self-estimation of each writer’s sense and purpose. Bergvall writes that “the conceptual poetics collated in this collection are filled with the meandering troubles of the term itself.” That kind of skepticism is conducive to a healthy atmosphere of openness and productivity. Avenues of legibility are made available, the reader is enabled to participate in these “critical poetics.” Such responsibility on the part of the writers, furthermore, elicits a baseline recognition that not all that is neoteric is nacre. What, the book asks, are these writers trying to do—and how, and why? Such questions also generate a more political footing, as the writers are compelled to account for a real world significance for their experiments.

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