Forrest Gander recommends the Phonemes

Frances_Richard_Author_Photo_2In a previous “Recommended Readings” list, writer Forrest Gander praised both Frances Richard’s The Phonemes and the entire Recon series in which the book was released:

Thrilling book and part of a terrific series (which includes Negro marfil/Ivory Black by Myriam Moscona, translated by Jen Hofer) from Les Figues Press. Richard develops a soundtrack typography as part of a uniquely conglomerative poetics. The brilliant closing poem “Shaved Code” embeds into a matrix of conflict between an Earth First activist and the FBI fragments of descriptive lyric, lists, quotation, erotics, economics, and multiple viewpoints. Also worth noting: Richard has written the best “Snake” poem since D. H. Lawrence.

 Read the entire list here.

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