Inch Aeons Reviewed by How2 Journal

Lori Lubeski reviews Nuala M. Archer’s Inch Aeons in How2 Journal, highlighting “images of birth and rebirth, of entering into a place-in-time at just the precise moment, [that] are woven into this work.” She continues:

Using forms of Haiku, Archer balances themes of time, distance, and consciousness with those of unity and fragmentation, whether in solar systems, or in the human psyche. The mind mimics the planet, the planet mimics the mind. In “In That Grainy Lapse,” the internal is a reflection of the external and the external, then, is reflected back inward: “In that grainy Lapse/The Catastrophe-the slow/No-End of Cooling” (p. 7 ).

Read the full review here.

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