Laurie Anderson mentions Guantanamo in The New Yorker

Guantanamo-Frank-Smith-Vanessa-Place-Cover-thumbLaurie Anderson mentions Frank Smith‘s Guantanamo in The New Yorker

In his book “Guantánamo,” the French writer Frank Smith translates the transcripts of interrogations, and the interrogator and the detainee begin to merge. The French pronoun on, as in “one knows” or “one thinks”—our “royal we”—becomes more and more mysterious as we lose track of who’s asking whom and what authority is and what a story is. In the transcripts, there are also chilling pauses “No response from the detainee.” What does this pause mean? Is the detainee being waterboarded? Electroshocked? This is no ordinary conversation. It is language and stories in the service of confession, corroboration, and coercion.

Consider the article here.

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