Babyfucker in The Literary Underground

Elijah Jenkins has featured Les Figues and Urs Allemann’s Babyfucker on his list in The Literary Underground, The Big Secret: 10 Indie-Publishers and 10 books You Might Not Have Heard of For All The Wrong Reasons:

7: Les Figues Press & Urs Allemann’s Babyfucker

I hate to think that it is the fate of indie presses to take all the risks and then lose authors to larger publishers when they’ve been vetted on smaller stages. But, if it is to be our lot, so be it. Allemann will surely be gobbled up by a larger house, but Penguin wouldn’t touch a title like Baby Fucker with a ten-foot pole, regardless of it’s literary force and prowess. Germans have all the fun and culture.

Dennis Cooper:

A stunning, exquisite, perfect, and difficult little benchmark of a novel that makes literature that pre-dates it seem deprived.

Read the the full list at The Literary Underground.

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