Martin Glaz Serup interviewed at 3:AM Magazine

The Field3:AM Magazine features an interview by SJ Fowler with Martin Glaz Serup, author of The Field. Among other things, Glaz Serup discusses how his work has evolved:

3:AM Magazine: Has your work changed distinctly across your six collections? Naturally its subject matter would shift, but has your methodology / your typography / your conception of poetry altered heavily in that time?

Martin Glaz Serup: My first reaction would be to answer loud YES, but then again: when I think of it and look at the six poetry books I’ve written from The Face of Shyla (2002) to The Field (2010), they also seem to have something in common; an interest for what you could call the individual and the political macrostructures, how they interact, what is political etc., an interest of gender, an interest, somehow, in the concept of authenticity and in context and situation, for instance by using appropriating-strategies in my work.

For the entire interview, visit 3:AM.

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