Pantaloons Reviews God’s Livestock Policy

Pantaloons writes on Stan Apps’ God’s Livestock Policy:God's Livestock_front_orig

How’s this for metapysics. We’re all god’s “imitations of exemplary lives,” democrats, puppies. We’re being taken for a walk in the new world. Space for Noah and Jack the Ripper. And time to sing. You might ask, who’s the god? Who is Stan Apps? The new world has been waiting for unsarcastic satire, and here it comes, all at once the latest writhing mass of Stan’s numerous, wide-eyed visions — God’s Livestock Policy a fourth book in 12 months, a tenner (scale 1-10) in which he unponderously reintroduces Christ, Buddha, and “a hundred secrets” that circulate in chirpy lyric fanaticism, “an antidote / to roleplay desperation,” and he isn’t kidding.

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