The Agony Column Reviews Voice of Ice

The Agony Column reviews Alta Ifland’s Voice of Ice:

Ifland is not your normal poetry experience. Her book, ‘Voice of Ice’ has a striking vertical design that instantly made me want to buy it. Inside, each poem is printed in French on a left page and in English on the facing right page. Ifland describes her work as prose poems, although these days they might be tagged as “flash fiction.” Forget the label; the work is dark, rather frightening and very surreal. “Drinking Oblivion”, “The Louse” and “The cat, the mouse and the Merlot” seem to coalesce out of nightmare into the written word. Ifland’s prose is certainly far too musical to be mere flash fiction. She may eschew the broken line, but she does write songs, fast flights of notes from a frightened, fractured mind that has seen more than its share of horror. Those who admire Jeff VanderMeer’s poetry and flash fiction will find a lot to like here.

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