The Ants reviewed at Trop

The AntsNaming Les Figues Press “Los Angeles’ best publisher of conceptual and experimental poetics,” Lauren Eggert-Crowe reviews Sawako Nakayasu’s The Ants, a book Eggert-Crowe evidently waited seven years to be released. As Eggert-Crowe articulates:

Straddling the boundary between prose poetry and flash fiction (is there even a line to blur anymore?) Nakayasu gives us a litany of half-page passages on the strange and ordered mechanisms of her imagined ant world…What is meaning? How is it constructed and destroyed? What miraculous and bizarre discoveries can be made within the fissures of its imperfect logic? The ants march across the page in their black lines, and the metaphor is clear. What are they marching towards?

 Read the entire article at Trop.

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