The /n/oulipian Analects reviewed in The Huffington Post

Travis Nichols of The Huffington Post proclaims that The /n/oulipian Analect, edited by Matias Viegener and Christine Wertheim, has an “S&M aesthetic [that] will set you free:”

Compiled from the papers and presentations from a 2005 conference in Los Angeles on the legacy of the Oulipo, a writerly group founded in France in 1960, The nOulipian Analects is a marvel. Even if you don’t give a fig about literary games involving complex mathematics, reading through these arguments, experiments, successes and colossal failures will remind you that a vibrant literary culture exits in America–it’s just thankfully too weird and unmarketable for the New York Times Book Review. This book is inspiration information, pure potential, the type of book you want to keep on hand for the times of writing block and blank, so you can have a laugh and begin again on the serious joke of literature.

Read the full review at The Huffington Post.

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