TT Jax reviews 2500 Random Things for Lambda Literary

2500_thumb_1In an extended, insightful review of Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too for Lambda Literary, TT Jax praises Viegener’s work as proposing an answer “to that question of what we do with our powers of digital text and connection.” Reading Viegener’s book, he writes,

is nearly a spiritual practice. The tone shifts from the immediate to the eternal, the ridiculous to the transformative, the judgmental to the humble, swiftly and easily. All the messiness of humans being, constrained by the “orifice” of Facebook, the limited width of the page, the negative space between. You have to agree to go with it, to follow and release the threads of narrative as they emerge: the death of Viegener’s mother; the life, work, and death of author Kathy Acker; the declining health of his dog, Peggy; immigration, colonialism, war. You must accept the banal, the contradictory, the sweeping generalizations along with the profound and beautifully rendered pronouncements of morality and mortality, constrained by temporal and frequently self-deluding consciousness.

Read the rest of the review here.

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