What I’m Reading Now… by Marjorie Welish

Over at Drunken Boat, Marjorie Welish discusses her most recent read, Frances Richard’s The Phonemes:

In The Phonemes by Frances Richard the alphabet expands to include punctuation as though now on equal footing, readily forming a lexicon also constituted of accent marks and mathematical symbols. So integrated are signs in our lexicon that Richard sees no reason why poetry cannot write across these—and so she does, for instance in “Blush Alarm.” Graphical matrices of car alarm notation alternate with lyric, as in  “Hills blushed / They were embarrassed / because of the trope of the sun”. Futurist page space privileged typographical possibilities for clamor in an avant-garde of irruption a century ago; now we speak and read its language on a daily basis.

Read Welish’s full discussion of The Phonemes at Drunken Boat.

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