Zoland Poetry Reviews I’ll Drown My Book


In the current issue of Zoland Poetry, Mia You reviews I’ll Drown My Book. She writes:

Anthologies can function either as vehicles for inclusion or as disruptions to existing categories. On its surface, I’ll Drown My Book does the former, to include women writers in discussions surrounding conceptual writing. It is read most successfully, however, as doing the latter. With full conceptualist wit and flare, I’ll Drown My Book is a forceful intervention on conceptual writing as today’s trending movement. Anthologies are inherently conceptual projects, although we abide the fiction that they merely serve a pragmatic purpose– that they ultimately exist in service of reading and appreciating the gathered texts. The editors here seem fully aware of the irony, perhaps even hypocrisy, that would underlie producing an anthology of conceptual writing without radically playing on this. In that sense, the book being drowned is the frame of the anthology itself, the conformist endorsement of ‘Conceptual Writing by Women,’ and not so much the individual writings within it.”

I’ll Drown My Book is a necessary book, one to be read thoroughly and with relish.”

Read the full review at Zoland Poetry.

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