2500 Random Things About Me Too Reviewed at Full Stop

2500_Random_Things_About_Me_Matias_Viegener_Front_CoverOver at Full Stop, Hestia Peppe writes about Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too as a work of “divination tech,”an oracle to be consulted in the age of Facebook. Viegener “takes the language structures and conceptual algorithms of meme and interface and uses them as the basis for a procedural artwork,” Peppe writes. She continues:

He refigures Facebook tech into book tech and through the resulting chimera simultaneously generates an intimate memoir and what could almost be a twenty-first century Book of Changes.  Every so often he directly addresses the temptation to pull away from randomness, overwhelming urges to direct the text. At other times he seems elated by the freedom the limitations of the experiment afford. Narrative and pattern crystallise around the supports provided. The ‘Me Too’ of the title seems to acknowledge the role that synchronicity plays in the work. As with the I Ching, that ancient reference point for book as divination tech, I feel like I could consult this collection of accumulated everyday-ness and find a way through into anything.

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