85 makes 2013 Artists’ Book of the Moment list

85_set_thumbnail_coverThe Art Gallery of York University takes a look at one of its 2013 Artists’ Book of the Moment picks, 85, here:

In a series of creative cross-cultural encounters, writer-translators Claire Huot and Robert Majzels take passages from a variety of texts and transform them into 85-letter blocks of text. These letters, presented without space breaks or punctuation, float in elegant geometric columns on the variously colored pages, demanding the reader’s active engagement as she organizes and reorganizes them into constantly fluctuating combinations of meaning…Majzels and Huot’s approach is open-ended, nonlinear, and materialist—a practice evoked by the visual layout of the texts, which enacts the difficult negotiation in English of Chinese poetic works.

Read all the coverage here.

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