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Dalia Rosetti/Fernanda Laguna

Dalia Rosetti/Fernanda Laguna was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972. In addition to her activities as a writer, she is a visual artist, curator, and editor. For nearly ten years she ran the gallery...

Sueños y pesadillas

Dalia Rosetti/Fernanda Laguna

Translation by Alexis Almeida
Edited by Patrick Greaney
Bilingual edition: Spanish, English
Literature | $17.00
In Other Words: Translation Series
ISBN 13: 978-1-934254-72-1
Size: 5.25 in. x 8 in.
Pages: 215
Binding: Softcover, Perfect

Sueños y pesadillas dossier 


A sexual encounter with another girl transports Dalia Rosetti from her high school in Argentina to Yotemia, a space where language and desire control the fabric of reality. On her journey, Rosetti meets saints, mafiosas, monks, knights, punk rockers, club kids, and figures from her past. As Dalia’s conceptions of time and self come unmoored, she confronts the possibility that she may never return to her old life and must learn to exist in a world where her reality hinges on the narratives she produces.


Praise for Sueños y pesadillas 

Every world Dalia Rosetti encounters, wittingly or not, is as dire and delicate as the next — brimming with her own distinctly queer aching for acceptance and satisfaction. It’s a beautiful and grotesque dream to wake up to. After all, every nightmare is a dream.

— Monica McClure, author of Tender Data

Dalia Rosetti’s Sueños y pesadillas reads like some fast and furious combination of Kathy Acker, The Ramones, and a sexy, errant Lives of the Saints. Blood and Guts at the Rock and Roll High School. But this is a Catholic high school inhabited by molesting nuns and angry sexy virgins whose extreme devotion to delinquent saints drives them into competitive, violent, sexual explorations. This is a picaresque that upturns the Latin American novel, Catholicism, and the quest story all at once, and leaves us simultaneously panting to keep up and begging for more.

Veronica Gonzalez Peña, author of The Sad Passions