Craig Dworkin Discusses I’ll Drown My Book

I'll_Drown_My_Book_Vanessa_Laynie_Caroline_Teresa_Front_CoverOver at Jacket2, Craig Dworkin discusses the impact of I’ll Drown My Book, it’s relationship to the earlier conceptual anthology Dworkin himself edited, Against Expression, and how the two anthologies negotiate a circumscription of the supposed-community of “conceptual writing”:

So where the burden for Against Expression is to explain what else might have been included, the burden for I’ll Drown My Book is to explain what conceivably might not have been included. In both cases, the literary communities established by these anthologies rely on exclusion (gender in one case, kinds of subjective creativity in the other). Those exclusions are worth remembering, because what ultimately defines anthologies — like all communities — is not what they embrace and contain, but what they exclude or omit. Communities depend upon the logic of the scapegoat.

Read Dworkin’s full discussion here.

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