David Shook names Guantanamo “Book of the Year”

Guantanamo-Frank-Smith-Vanessa-Place-Cover-thumbIn a review originally published by Chimurenga Chronic and subsequently republished at Huffington Post, David Shook names Frank Smith’s Guantanamo his selection as “Book of the Year.” Shook’s investigation of Smith’s text eventually turns its focus on the use of pronouns and their impossibly distanced antecedents:

Throughout the book, an unnamed “they” are held responsible for the prisoners’ detention; the interrogators opt for the good cop routine, vaguely referring to invisible higher ups. “We’re trying to understand why you’re being kept here… They don’t keep someone for over two years for simply growing vegetables.” Unfortunately for the prisoners who have now been illegally detained at Guantanamo for over ten years, that hasn’t always proven true.

Read Shook’s full review at Huffington Post or get the original review at Chimurenga Chronic.

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