Seth Abramson Considers The New Poetics

At The Huffington Post, Seth Abramson continues his monthly poetry review series for February, turning his critical sights on Mathew Timmons’s The New Poetics, calling the work “not only invigorating but endlessly entertaining.” Abramson continues:

Timmons has a gift for pacing that’s worthy of abiding admiration, and his book lays down enough red thread to make any labyrinth-breaker proud. In the same way Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves exposed the vanity of inquiry and the circularity of all citation by flooding an ostensible horror novel with spurious footnotes, Timmons reveals knowledge production mechanisms as necessarily degenerative and even, often enough, cannibalistic. (There may be no entry for “The New Deal” in The New Poetics, but “The New New Deal” gets one, and it’s a dystopic vision par excellence.) And cultural transactions in which empty forms of capital are accrued and transferred come in for similar (equally-deserved) treatment.

Read Abramson’s full review at The Huffington Post.

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