Jen Hofer Wins 2012 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award

Jen Hofer has won the 2012 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award, chosen by Pierre Joris, for translating Negro Marfil / Ivory Black by Myriam Moscona (Les Figues 2011). Joris says of his choice:

Myriam Moscona’s book Negro Marfil is a superbly orchestrated rhizomatic array of poems or, to quote the book, “an echo of shares.” This process of writing through the echoic first set up by the title’s ivory/black dynamic leads to a quest for new ordering principles while proposing a breath-taking & -giving investigation of sounds, colors, rhythms and forms. Arising from a first “translation” into words of the author’s india-ink images & collages, the book has now been impeccably translated into English as Ivory Black by Jen Hofer, who also provides an excellent essay on the book & the translation.

Read the full announcement of the award from The Academy of American Poets. Congratulations to Jen and Myriam!

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