Kristin Sanders Reviews Cunt Norton at HTMLGIANT

Cunt_Norton-Dodie_Bellamy-Postcard_blogOver at HTMLGIANT, Kristin Sanders discusses how Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton is “as much a political act as it is a book of poetry.” She continues:

Dodie Bellamy is a woman who writes about sex. Who writes with verve and risk and imagination. Who isn’t afraid of language, or of dead white men, or the reverence we are supposed to have for them. Dodie Bellamy will not be silenced or ashamed. When Ariana Reines writes in the book’s introduction that this “could be the most joyful book on Earth” and it “made me feel so good I laughed so hard I cried,” what she may be articulating is how powerful it feels to witness a woman writing exactly how she wants to write, refusing to be silenced (by the canon, the patriarchy, any other poet’s aesthetic or ethical impulse).

Read Sanders’ full review at HTMLGIANT.

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