Now Available: Lividity & Hand-Numbered Micro-Conversations

A collaboration between Kim Rosenfield and Klaus Killisch

Limited edition of 50, hand-numbered

Each package includes:
• 13 cards (includes title card signed by author and artist)
• silk-screened tin card case
• 1 copy of Lividity, signed by author

Price: $50.00

Poet Kim Rosenfield and visual artist Klaus Killisch combine forces to create a set of “micro-conversations”: 13 collaborative cards featuring brand-new text and images inspired by the language and form of Rosenfield’s new book, Lividity.

Rosenfield: “Micro-conversations can be a subdermal form of conversations that exist in relation to the primary conversation—in this case the primary conversation being that which is happening throughout Lividity. My collaboration with Klaus is a continued response in object form to the book.”

Killisch: “I was inspired by the term micro-conversation in Lividity and played around with collages of mirrored images.”


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