Publisher’s Weekly Showcases Les Figues Press

Writing in Publisher’s Weekly from AWP, author Craig Morgan Teicher focuses on the recent growth and success of small, indie presses such as Les Figues.

Thirty years ago, if you were in a creative writing program, in all likelihood you were a Stegner Fellow at Stanford or you were sitting in Iowa City feeling grateful to Frank Conroy. The 15 M.F.A. programs with degrees in writing that existed in 1975 have zoomed to well over 100 today. The Association of Writers and Writing Programs has had a lot to do with that growth. Now 40 years old, the AWP is roundly credited with key fund-raising and community building, bringing writers from various programs together in spirit, and once a year in a hotel.

It with this in mind that Teicher showcases Les Figues Press and the use of subscription programs to help establish and maintain readership. Read the report at Publisher’s Weekly.

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