Four Reviews A Happy Man and Other Stories

Bookslut’s Jacqueline Davis reviews A Happy Man and Other Stories by Axel Thormählen:

One of many to-be-desired releases in Les Figues’ TrenchArt: Parapet Series (among others such as I Go to Some Hollow by Amina Cain [sic] and God’s Livestock Policy by Stan Apps), this special compilation of nine well-crafted short stories by German author Axel Thormählen exceeds any careful reader’s expectations.

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Additionally, Skylight Books on A Happy Man and Other Stories by Axel Thormählen.

[07/24/13. Editor’s note: This site is no longer available online.]


Matthew Fiander of Pop Matters on the work:

The clear-eyed fearlessness these characters have in confronting their problems, a self-assuredness that slips into dementia when their problems seem insurmountable, is tied closely to Thormählen’s crystalline prose. Line-by-line, scene-by-scene, his stories are clear and straightforward, the language so spare it borders on terse.

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Finally, Book Club speaks to A Happy Man as well.

[07/24/13. Editor’s note: This review is no longer available online.]

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